GDG- Lincoln's B-day

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Fri Jan 6 17:54:47 CST 2012

In case anyone is interested some 1/2 dz times I have trucked  my behind 
down to the Lincoln Memorial for the Lincoln Birthday  Commemoration.
It is unforgettable.  They do speeches, normally  bring in the general in 
charge of the Military District of Washington, and a  whole buncha reenactors 
and women in Mary Lincoln dresses.  Goes on for a  good two hours.
Way cool.
And, here's what's really cool....  At the end of the  ceremony they bring 
in the finest bestest bugle player from Ft. Myer to play  Taps.  I am under 
the impression that Ft Myer is the premier place for  buglers.
The inside walls are polished Indiana sandstone (I  think).  When they play 
Taps in there it goes down to the depths of you  spine.and chills you.  The 
notes seem to float inside the polished stone  walls like colored bubbles.
I have heard Taps over many years.
You'll never hear it like it sounds in the utter quiet of the  Lincoln 
If I am not working I will probly go down.  All are  invited to go.
Then afterwards we will fight over where to get chili in  DC.
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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