GDG- Shead's Woods and the "Harvest of Death" photograph

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Fri Jan 6 17:46:01 CST 2012

<<  These ma y be the only photographs of dead Union soldiers on the field. If all these bodies are Union, i.e. there are no unburied Confederate dead in this vicinity, then either there were no Confederate deaths in this area during the battle, a relatively unlikely scenario , or else this spot was within Confederate lines. This would have allowed the ANV time to bury their comrades. This is another circumstantial piece of evidence that points to the relative safety of the ground west of the ER ridge as the possible site, where any Confederate dead would have been buried at this site or removed from the field and buried farther behind the lines. 

JC   >>

That would seem to apply equally to Scott's location on the 1st Day's field.  If fact, perhaps even more so.

Jim Cameron

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