GDG- Slavery in the South

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I agree with what you say.  I was just trying to add what I consider a
crucial economic status factor that often gets overlooked.  Thanks.

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> Most Southerner fought to defend their homes and familes. The slave owning
> aristoracy controlled the politics
> of the states and pushed for seccesion. They then convinced everyone else
> to fight to defend your homes and
> familys from the Yankees and the Black Republicans. They spread the lie
> that the Black Republicans were out
> to not just free the slaves, but give the negros equality with the whites,
> and let Negro men marry white women!
> Even the poorest white, was considered better than the negro on the social
> scale. Now the Black Republicans
> were out to make the negros equal with the whites!  Heresy!  Quick, sign
> up to fight for the Confederacy!!!
> Nancy Householder
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> 0ne concept that I would like to throw out has seldom been touched and that
> is"Why would the average southerner fight to support slavery when less than
> one in four owned a slave and an even smaller percentage had plantations
> with a considerable number of slaves".
> 0bviously people who owned many slaves and great plantations were looked on
> in most communities as wealthy and successful and living a very indolent
> lifestyle.  The average southerner maintained his small farms with himself
> and sons.  A man with a lot of land was looked on as extremely successful.
> If you owned a few horses or mules you were probably more successful
> Therefore, if you could ever get a few slaves to help you work your farm
> you would start to gain wealth and have a greater status in your community.
> 0wning slaves created status and wealth.  In a day when only the rich went
> to college owning a slave became the way to success.  Believing the North
> was going to destroy the only quick way to gaining status made many
> southerners believe their way of life was being destroyed.........just my
> thougts.
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