GDG- The Negro President

Jack Lawrence jlawrence at
Thu Jan 5 19:29:07 CST 2012


Since we are discussing the economic impact of slavery, I thought we should 
throw out another factor of slavery, Political Power. Thought I would 
separate it from the other theads, as I didn't want any thought that I was 
linking them in

Slaves were source not only economic power in the south, they were a huge 
political power multiplier under the constitution..
The 3.9 million slaves in 1860 would translate into almost 2.4 million 
votes, skewing the house of representatives and the electoral college 
towards the sklave owning states. Jefferson was called by opponents "The 
Negro President" after his electoral victory but popular vote defeat.

It's out there now.



"You win some, you lose some. And then there's that little-known third 

Anonymous Losing Amercan Politician circa 2004

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