GDG- Shead's Woods and the "Harvest of Death" photograph

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Jim: OH yeah, so it's the Spangler Farm, and not the Rose Farm?

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A few months ago Wayne Wachsmuth and I got together on the field to compare both the Spangler's farm location on the southern end of the field with Scott Hartwig's proposed location on the first day's field.

We hit the Spangler farm area first.  Unfortunately, at the same time as such a  heavy rainstorm that that it was more like the Western Front than Gettysburg.  We honestly couldn't make out too much under those conditions, so I'd rate that part of the effort as inconclusive.  Although, it did impart a good understanding of how thw wounded could have drowned in the heavy rains after the battle.

Fortunately, the rain had let up by the time we got up to the first day's field.  I do have to say that in my purely layman's opinion, Scott's analysis seems to have a lot to recommend it, particularly in the view up across the Chambersburg Pike toward Sheads Woods.  There have been some changes ove time, to be sure, but a lot of it seems to fall into place.

OTOH, I'm told that Bill Frassanito has a list of several (a dozen of so, IIRC) specific points where Scott's analysis doesn't fit.  Which seems to agree with what he's said in the past that no matter how close any of the candidate locations looks, including the Spangler farm site, some specific detail or details end up ruling all of them out.  Now, that may well be, but I'd sure like to know the specifics of Frassanito's objections to Scott's theory.  Because if it isn't plausable - which it at least looks to be to me - I'd like to know exactly why it isn't.

Jim Cameron
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