GDG- NPS, Slavery and Economies

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<<  Slave societies, which became the norm in the South, were societies in which slavery was not just a form of labor, it was woven into the fabric of the society. It was even the paradigm for all other relationships with any attack or weakening of slavery was seen as just the first step in a disintegration of all other relationships in a patriarchal society: wife to husband, children to father, etc. and, ultimately, the destruction, probably violent, of society itself. In 1862, Lincoln sponsored serious efforts to federally subsidize loyal slave states ending slavery in their borders. Those states rejected any such compensated emancipation and, ultimately, lost slavery but got no compensation under the 13th Amendment. Southern wealth was built on slavery, particularly in the 1850s as slave prices soared, but, when they said they were fighting for their way of life, they weren't kidding.    >>

Gordon Rhea has an excellent article on these points entitled "Fellow Southerners" in the current issue of "North & South" magazine.

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