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Well, New England didn't want to secede.  This is not to say there  weren't 
some politicians in New England who talked about it, but they were a  
distinct minority and had no political weight behind them.
Secession was used as a threat during the Nullification Crisis, but there  
was no widespread support outside South Carolina.
New York City itself (the population, that is) didn't want to secede.   
Fernando Wood, a Copperhead, made the threat, but there was nothing serious  in 
it because he didn't have the support either.
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In my recollections there were at least 3 other  movements for  secession 
the nation's history prior to the  CW.

During the War of 1812 New England wanted to secede because  of  it's 
economic ties to Great Britain.

During the  Nullifications troubles under A Jackson S.C. also  wanted to  

When the war broke out N.Y.C wanted to secede and  declare  itself a 
city for trade purposes.

All of  these secession movements were based on  money.

S.C. didn't  secede  in the 1830s because Charlton Heston  threatened to 
come  down there himself at the head of an army and beat them   up.

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