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I hope Texas doesn't go ahead with their talk of  secession.
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Buchannan had fought a war i Utah.

If you  count rebellions, there were quite a few in the early  years.


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> In my  recollections there were at least 3 other movements for  secession 
> in
> the nation's history prior to the CW.
>  During the War of 1812 New England wanted to secede because of   it's
> economic ties to Great Britain.
> During the  Nullifications troubles under A Jackson S.C. also  wanted to
>  secede.
> When the war broke out N.Y.C wanted to secede and  declare  itself a 
> neutral
> city for trade  purposes.
> All of these secession movements were based on   money.
> S.C. didn't secede  in the 1830s because Charlton  Heston  threatened to
> come down there himself at the head of an  army and beat them  up.
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