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The presentation of the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg is done  much the same way as they do with the visitor center at Gettysburg.. This museum presents itself is THE  national civil war museum. I have never seen, heard or read any criticism of this presentation. I ascribe this to the fact that this museum is not the  museum most people go to to get her some more knowledge they go to gettysburg. If you script this story from gettysburg, you strip it from the entire nation. 

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><<  The GNMP does have a federally mandated mission to educate and to 
>include the causes of the war. >>
>A point too often overlooked.
>The fact of the matter is that to some people, any mention of slavery at the Gettysburg VC is too much mention.  
>Personally, from what I've seen there the topic isn't anywhere near beaten to death by any means, and isn't presented as more than one element of the overall context in which the battle took place.  But how does one intelligently present and explain a battle fought in a war which started because of slavery without at least mentioning it somewhere along the line?   The answer is that one does it like the old VC did, which an artifact heavy presentation that did a lot better job depicting the design history of Civil War infantry weapons than it did explaining the battle.  
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