GDG- In Defense of Peter

Marian Latimer campcanine at
Thu Jan 5 10:27:32 CST 2012

I only went to Catholic school for first and second grade, Holy Redeemer in 
Detroit, featured in the obscure movie, "The Rosary Murders" with Donald 
Sutherland.  My mom and her sisters graduated from there after a lifetime of 
trekking through Catholic schools (some boarding) in Canada.  My mom was 
born in Montreal to English speaking parents and they moved to Montebello 
(my grandfather ran what is now a grand resort but was then a private club, 
big log structure, they were not rich) and it was close enough to Ottawa 
that they were able to keep speaking English until the kids went to school 
and then the first things their classmates taught them was, of course, "fine 
swear words," which led to a parade of clergy to my grandparent's door 
proclaiming how their girls could swear.  LOL.  Including the local bishop. 
Later in life, my mom would claim she couldn't remember her French but she 
could remember those fine cuss words.

I was always amazed that when the nuns left the classroom where I attended 
school and returned, they would ask who had misbehaved and the guilty 
parties would always come forward, confess, and take their punishment.  They 
had some sort of scary super power.  On the other hand, my late cousin went 
to high school at a Catholic school in a suburban area downriver from 
Detroit and she said the boys could undo a bra strap from outside of a 
uniform with a pencil eraser.

It's all relative.

And my mom wanted me to go to a Catholic University so I said Notre Dame and 
I never  heard another word about it.  Must have been some real bad boys 
there.  LOL.


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