GDG- In Defense of Peter

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Thu Jan 5 07:01:12 CST 2012

My second grade teacher at St. Francis Xavier grammar school in Philadelphia
was a nun by the name of Sister Ragia who was tall and wiry, and packed a
wallop.  Her name matched her personality well, as I learned one day when
she knocked me across a desk.  I do not recall the motivation for this
attack, but i must have done something wrong.

The classic situation, however, was when the principal of the school, a
little rather rotund Italian nun whose name escapes me got into it with a
student in the schoolyard one day, and the two of them were slugging it
out -- while the entire schoolyard crowd gathered around to watch the show.

Those were the good old days.

Tom Ryan

>>I'm OK with education (except for SIster Damian in the sixth grade),
> Hello,
>    LOL! You should have met Sister Madeline!  She could swing that
> yardstick across your back for even looking sideways.  My brothers bear
> the stigmata of her wrath.

You guys are making me think I missed something, growing up Catholic but
attending public schools.  I tried to get into Johnstown Catholic (now
Bishop McCort), but my age group was a bumper crop and they were full.
Leo McGuire

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