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Bill-I agree. I think the coverage in Gettysburg is particularly critical because it is a gateway to the Civil War for many and, in other cases, may be the only Civil War national military park/battlefield that a person ever goes to. 



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I wasn't intending to add to these threads, but this did seem like a 
good opportunity to throw in my two cents worth. Have to agree, the 
GNMP VC gets it right regarding their coverage of the slavery issue in 
my opinion. Really not over the top at all. The film of course 
presents an overview of slavery in the U.S. and presents it as the 
primary cause of the Civil War (correctly so in my estimation). There 
also is a section of the museum devoted to slavery, but as there are 
literally dozens of sections to the museum exhibit, this is really not 
excessive (again imo). 

Outside of the film and the reasonable coverage in the museum, there 
really is no other exposure to the slavery issue at the VC as far as I 
can recall. Can't say that I've ever heard a Park Ranger, LBG, or VC 
staff member make any mention of the subject ever, nor has there been 
any other literature about it whatsoever. 

Agreed that there are times when the subject of slavery seems to be 
presented in a manner or fashion that comes across as "over- 
correction", but I don't believe that the GNMP VC is guilty of this 
at all. 

Bill in Indy 

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> I have been to Gettysburg 3 times and hope to visit again soon, but 
> I have 
> never seen the VC presentation. 
> How much of it discusses slavery under the United States ? 
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> Actually, not that much, in my opinion. It's talked about in the 
> beginning of the film, and there are a few artifacts in the museum. 
> Then again, 
> Lincoln talked about "a new birth of freedom" in his address, so 
> when Sam 
> Waterston is reciting it, then I guess they're discussing it again. 
> Best Regards, 
> Al Mackey 
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