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OK Al-

YOU tell me about the 200 slaves  living at  Arlington Cemetery.
But you're not interested, Peter.  You've been very clear you don't  
consider them "important" enough.

If you  want to be an expert and complain then you step up to  the plate 
tell me all about the 200 slaves.
Fortunately, the NPS can do a good job:
And Arlington Cemetery:
Some other sources include:
And some professional historians:
And The Smithsonian:
And even amateurs:

I only know about two of them specifically.  One  whose  name, I think, was 
Selena was a "house  slave".  A  servant of Mary C  Lee.  She stayed behind 
when Mary went south  and tried to keep the Yankees  from destroying the 
mansion when they  occupied the place.  Oddly enough, I  haven't heard of 
she  is buried.  Haven't heard that she is buried in  the  cemetery.

The other is a slave named, I think, John.  He was  born  on the plantation 
and is buried in it.  Over by the Seneca  Creek sandstone  wall next to Ft 
Myer where there is no gravel  road.

That's about all I know.
Check out Wesley Norris, his sister, and his cousin.

The  slaves at Arlington, like slaves all over this country,  have a story  
that is, for the most part, LOST.

I am not aware of anyone writing  a book on the story of the  slaves at Arl 
Well, there IS a 1960 Harvard thesis:

Yes, 200  people were slaves.  Do you think we should  spend the WHOLE TIME 
talking about them at the deletion of the  others?

If so, good  for you.  Because that is the NPS program at  Arlington.

200  slaves have their place.  They should be talked about  and pointed  

I think it borders on rascism when the NPS MANDATES that you   talk about 
slaves and "relatively obscure" African-Americans in way that  takes  up 
you could be using to talk about MORE IMPORTANT  PEOPLE.
Obviously you don't think African Americans are important.  To each  his 

Yes, I think Bull Halsey, Charles Wilkes, and Bruce Van   Voorhees are more 
significant than the first black female Tomb  Guard.  I'd  rather talk 

Why wasn't it  MANDATED that we also talk about American  Indians, like Ira 
Hayes,  Latinos and Asians?

You have to getting the message I hope.

Is  it finally sinking in?  The NPS places a higher  PRIORITY on slavery  
African-Americans at the expense of other races and   topics.

Dig that?  I've seen it.

Peter, are you hungry?  Have a Snickers.  : )
Best Regards,
Al Mackey

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