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Oh, M. L. Mencken (sorry about my initial misspelling) , the great Baltimore essayist and editor of the 1920s. He had a very low, condescending opinion of the average American's intelligence, education,and sophistication. My life experience (mostly in the Marine Corps) gave me a higher appreciation of the average person's common sense and ability to figure out things.


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> THNX Tom-  I was afraid to ask in public about the  Menkinist thing.  I 
> didn't want to be the first to ask. 
> Your  Most Obedient Servant,
> Peter  
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> <Visitors Center, but accept that other people do. At  Gettysburg, I don't
> want to be taught about causes; I want to see as many  as possible of the
> park's vast holding and at some level I resent anything  that gets in the
> way. Unrealistic? Sure. Some context is vital, but we'll  never have a VC 
> big
> enough to provide all the context some want and show  all the stuff. So
> what's the balance?
> I am also a little  uncomfortable with the thought that the NPS needs to
> "educate" the American  public as opposed to just tell the story (though I'm
> hard pressed to  explain the difference). There's an elitist, Menkinist
> undertone here I  don't like.>>
> George,
> This is essentially what I have been  attempting to say in my earlier posts.
> Tom Ryan
> P.S.   Please elaborate on the "Menkinist"  reference.
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