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I always thot it had to do with ale.  
Dang!  Another good story I can't use any  more.
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I was taught that the expression  referred to the line in Tsarist 
Russia/Ukraine/Poland/Belarus (depending on  ever-shifting boarders) beyond which 
Jews had to live. Did those Commies lie  to me? Inconceivable!


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> > Subject: Re: GDG- NPS &  Slavery
>> To expect or require the NPS to  instruct visitors to Gettysburg about 
>> causes of the CW to the  detriment of what actually took place there, 
>> to me to be  beyond the pale.  I realize that this is a minority opinion 
>> this board, but it is what it is.
>  Hello.
> I would suggest that the study the battle without  understanding the 
cause of the battle both reduces and denigrates the battle  to the level of a 
spectator sport. More like football where the players  die.
> Just my opinion.
> Regards,
> Jack
> The term "beyond the pale" originated from a  line of demarcation used 
during the years of British dominion in Ireland.  Things on the other side of 
the line were 'beyond the pale".
>  In common usage today, it is used to designate speech or behavior that 
is  outside normal civility, including lewd or vulgar acts or speech.
> I do not think teaching the cause of the civil war at Gettysburg  fallls 
into this category. 
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