GDG- NPS & slavery

Dennis Lawrence denlaw at
Wed Jan 4 16:26:31 CST 2012

>All I know about the Gettysburg Visitor Center is what people  have told me
>and what I have read in publications like Civil War News.   Because of the
>complaints and criticisms I have heard I have avoided the  place.  I am
>tired of the NPS over emphasis on slavery.  I'd rather  spend my 
>money on French
>Onion Soup at the Dobbin House.


All well and god. Everyone is entitled to off the cuff and 
unsupported opinions - this is an Internet discussion group for gosh 
sakes.  If we can't throw stuff against the wall here, where can we?

  But you can see why your unsupported and increasingly strident "the 
sky is falling because the tourmobiles have a lousy script and I had 
a painful experience 20 years ago "  assertions that have no 
relevance to GNMP museum - which you haven't visited -   bring you 
the type of reaction it does.

Take Care



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