GDG- In Defense of Peter

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Wed Jan 4 16:19:48 CST 2012

<<I personally don't care for the presentation at the new Gettysburg
Visitors Center, but accept that other people do. At Gettysburg, I don't
want to be taught about causes; I want to see as many as possible of the
park's vast holding and at some level I resent anything that gets in the
way. Unrealistic? Sure. Some context is vital, but we'll never have a VC big
enough to  provide all the context some want and show all the stuff. So
what's the balance?

I am also a little uncomfortable with the thought that the NPS needs to
"educate" the American public as opposed to just tell the story (though I'm
hard pressed to explain the difference). There's an elitist, Menkinist
undertone here I don't like.>>


This is essentially what I have been attempting to say in my earlier posts.

Tom Ryan

P.S.  Please elaborate on the "Menkinist" reference.

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