GDG- NPS & Slavery

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Wed Jan 4 14:36:18 CST 2012

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 > Subject: Re: GDG- NPS & Slavery
> To expect or require the NPS to instruct visitors to Gettysburg about the
> causes of the CW to the detriment of what actually took place there, seems
> to me to be beyond the pale.  I realize that this is a minority opinion on
> this board, but it is what it is.


I would suggest that the study the battle without understanding the cause of 
the battle both reduces and denigrates the battle to the level of a 
spectator sport. More like football where the players die.

Just my opinion.



The term "beyond the pale" originated from a line of demarcation used during 
the years of British dominion in Ireland. Things on the other side of the 
line were 'beyond the pale".

In common usage today, it is used to designate speech or behavior that is 
outside normal civility, including lewd or vulgar acts or speech.

I do not think teaching the cause of the civil war at Gettysburg fallls into 
this category. 

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