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Dennis Lawrence denlaw at
Wed Jan 4 13:09:24 CST 2012

>My complaint, if you had comprehended it correctly, is  that in 1992 when I
>worked for the NPS/Tourmobile  the NPS had  a deliberate program of
>over-emphasizing African-Americans and slavery  over other topics 
>that were even
>morre important.
>Are you getting that?  If there is a scale of  "importance" in terms of the
>people buried  there then many people who were  not African-American were
>not mentioned because the NPS MANDATED that  we talk about the lesser
>important Blacks.  We were  REPRIMANDED if we didn't talk about 
>Chappie James and
>instead talked about Bull  Halsey and Charles Wilkes.
>And the same program appears to be going on at the Gettysburg  V.C.

Hi, Peter,

   I think part of the reason you are getting blowback on this is 
that you are talking about a training that is almost 20 years ago and 
then saying the same thing is going on at Gettysburg.  It all comes 
across as a sweeping generalization based on your experience that is 
not connected to Gettysburg, almost 20 years later, and ignoring the 
fact that GNMP  is operating under  a specific federal mandate of 
interpretation, not tourmobile rules.

The training you had does sound misguided, but what evidence do you 
have there is any connection to the presentation at Gettysburg? Are 
you privy to training or details of the presentation at Gettysburg 
that you can share?

Take Care



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