GDG- NPS & Slavery

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Wed Jan 4 13:20:52 CST 2012

From: "Tom Ryan" <pennmardel at>
Subject: Re: GDG- NPS & Slavery

To expect or require the NPS to instruct visitors to Gettysburg about the
causes of the CW to the detriment of what actually took place there, seems
to me to be beyond the pale.  I realize that this is a minority opinion on
this board, but it is what it is.

Hi, Tom,

Educating the public is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  IMO, the 
current format of NPS presentations here at Gettysburg, while much different 
from ten years ago, is not to the detriment of presenting the battle and the 
Address.  I, too, would prefer just a tactical presentation, but it's not up 
to me.
If you think about how many come here just once, then the NPS has only one 
chance to give them something significant, even if it's what many of us in 
this group already know and aren't interested in.  I don't envy the park 
staff; I worked at the old Cyclorama building and I know how ignorant the 
general public can be.  It makes it all the more enjoyable when you run into 
someone who cares about learning our history.
Leo McGuire 

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