GDG- digest problem - continuing

Dennis Lawrence denlaw at
Wed Jan 4 12:59:40 CST 2012

>Today's digest arrived and again, I can read only about 31 of over 100 posts.

Most of you are on the digest.  Anyone else having this issue?

At 12:43 PM 1/4/2012, you wrote:
>Esteemed GDG Member Contributes: Hello - I sent 
>this yesterday and have not received an answer - 
>so again I'll repost it.  Today's digest 
>arrived and again, I can read only about 31 of 
>over 100 posts. If nobody cares to address the 
>issue fine - I'll just unsubscribe.  Reading 
>30% of a digest is a waste of time if you cannot 
>read the rest. A response would be appreciated 
>Sincerely, Sal Red Patch Gettysburg 
>Â  "Greetings all, I don't know if anyone using 
>the digests has this problem, but I don't seem 
>to be getting the entire digest any longer.? 
>Between people leaving the entire message when 
>they respond as well as the number of posts 
>included in the digest, I'm only getting partial 
>digests. Latest digest has over 80 messages, and 
>I can only read up to 31. Â Infinity (Comcast) 
>is my email provider. Can anything be done about 
>this? Please let me know. " 
>-to unsubscribe 
> for Archives

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