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While intended as a light-hearted reply to a light-hearted attempt to lower the temperature on this conversation, this message is indicative of a certain subtext in your posts to this group.  Since you may actually not be aware of that subtext, I'll give you some hints.

First, in this message you write "Damn that Bill Cosby," while insisting that "You can't beat Patsy Cline and Willie  Nelson when chili grease is dribbling down your chin."

Now, the former phrase is intended jocularly and literally, but taken in a larger context it sends a message that you may not intend.  Here is that context:

1.  You insist upon misspelling Abraham Lincoln's name, even though Ms. Margaret Blough (who is not only a senior member and director of this discussion group but is also about as good an expert as there is on the Constitutional history relevant to the Civil War) has asked you, politely, twice, to stop doing that because it is disrespectful.  It is disrespectful.  Why do you continue doing that?

2. You attribute language and motivations to Abraham Lincoln that other senior members and experts on this site (like Mr. Al Mackey) have definitively refuted.

3.  You insist that you personally know what is most "important" about Arlington Cemetery.  That insistence is consistently voiced as a protest of what you call the disproportionate attention to black Americans by the NPS.  As a number of thoughtful and well-informed messages to this list have explained, given over a century of not only ignoring the slave-related part of the American story but also of persecuting the freed slaves and their descendants, the NPS, at the behest of the elected leaders of this country, has been trying to redress the balance.  Your protest of this is part of a pattern.

Within such a context your Bill Cosby/Patsy Cline-Willie Nelson quips assume a certain resonance, a resonance that is clearly apparent to a number of the contributors to this discussion.




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Ha ha!
You like Ben's?
I think it is lousy and excessively over-rated.  It is  more of a condiment 
than real chili.
I'd go to Ben's for a chili half-smoke tho.
I don't understand the attention Ben's gets.  Damn that  Bill Cosby!
What about the Hard Times Cafe?   That's pretty damn  good.  The Terlingua 
any time.  I'll eat the veggie too.  Last  time I was there some guy came in 
and bot up a whole mess of corn bread.   All their juke boxes are good.  
You can't beat Patsy Cline and Willie  Nelson when chili grease is dribbling 
down your chin.
Any time-  we'll go find John Grim too.
;-)  !!!
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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