GDG- digest problem - continuing

redpatch at redpatch at
Wed Jan 4 12:43:49 CST 2012

Hello - I sent this yesterday and have not received an answer - so again I'll repost it.  Today's digest arrived and again, I can read only about 31 of over 100 posts. 

If nobody cares to address the issue fine - I'll just unsubscribe.  Reading 30% of a digest is a waste of time if you cannot read the rest. 

A response would be appreciated 



Red Patch 



"Greetings all, 

I don't know if anyone using the digests has this problem, but I don't seem to be getting the entire digest any longer.? Between people leaving the entire message when they respond as well as the number of posts included in the digest, I'm only getting partial digests. 

Latest digest has over 80 messages, and I can only read up to 31.  Infinity (Comcast) is my email provider. 

Can anything be done about this? 

Please let me know. " 

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