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Wed Jan 4 12:32:42 CST 2012

Ha ha!
You like Ben's?
I think it is lousy and excessively over-rated.  It is  more of a condiment 
than real chili.
I'd go to Ben's for a chili half-smoke tho.
I don't understand the attention Ben's gets.  Damn that  Bill Cosby!
What about the Hard Times Cafe?   That's pretty damn  good.  The Terlingua 
any time.  I'll eat the veggie too.  Last  time I was there some guy came in 
and bot up a whole mess of corn bread.   All their juke boxes are good.  
You can't beat Patsy Cline and Willie  Nelson when chili grease is dribbling 
down your chin.
Any time-  we'll go find John Grim too.
;-)  !!!
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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I'll do Harry's with you Peter if you come with me  to Ben's.

Gary  McGinnis
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