GDG- Polically Correct

CWMHTours at CWMHTours at
Wed Jan 4 11:32:34 CST 2012

Apparently I am being criticized for using the phrase  "politically 
It is a phrase that I don't like and about never  use.
I think it is appropriate in this case when a bureaucratically  entrenched 
program of omitting important information from the public in favor of  other 
less important information is actively pursued.
The people in here are usually pretty smart and  astute.
Is anyone in here understanding my point?
I am not rascist.  I don't believe in it.  
I think there is a policy of reverse rascism in the NPS to the  exclusion 
of other minorities and races.
I have seen it.  I worked for them.  I  know.
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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