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It is interesting to note that, while anti-Catholic bigotry was rampant throughout the country during the decades preceding the CW, that bigotry was embodied in Dorothea Dix, the superintendent of nurses for the Union army, who refused to allow Catholics to serve as nurses.

Needless to say, the relationship between Miss Dix and the nuns was like oil and water.

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<<Allow me to add that their work with the wounded contributed to reducing 
anti-Catholic bigotry. It was just a few years afteer the Know-Nothings 

Absolutely!  Many who were critical of them starting out became very impressed with their work.  

A gentlemen who had previously criticized the nuns, addressed a group of the Sisters.   “ Will you allow me ladies to speak a moment with you?   I am proud to see you once more.   I can never forget your kindness to the sick and wounded in our darkest days, and I know not how to testify my gratitude and respect for every member of your noble order." That Gentleman was Jefferson Davis. 


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