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Later this month, I will be giving a talk to our church men's club that will
mention Mother Seton and the nurses from her order in Emmitsburg who served
so courageously at Gettysburg.

Over 600 nuns served as nurses during the war in both North and South.  The
largest group was the Daughters of Charity, Mother Seton's order.

Doctors and hospital administrators preferred nuns over lay nurses, because
the nuns were well organized, industrious, and selfless in their charitable
work.  Lay nurses reportedly tended to be troublesome and less dependable.

Tom Ryan

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> Thanks for mentioning this Robert as it is directly related to Gettysburg.
> The Sisters of Charity from Emmitsburg were one of the first groups
> outside of Gettysburg who came to tend to the sick and wounded right after
> the battle. They were the largest groups of nuns, over 200, of the
> approximately 600 that served as nurses and other functions during the
> Civil War.

Allow me to add that their work with the wounded contributed to reducing
anti-Catholic bigotry.  It was just a few years afteer the Know-Nothings
Leo McGuire

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