GDG- more changes in the Gettysburg battlefield thru the years

Bob Coffman bcoffman at
Wed Jan 4 09:36:40 CST 2012

> I beleive there was some kind of park over by LRT at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century, which is
> why they started the trolley company, to take people down there.
> Anyone know anything more about this?

Wish I had my notes.

I believe there were actually 2, one on the back side of LRT.  I can 
hear Tim Smith exclaiming that it served gin, and that the area around 
LRT/Devil's Den was far more popular (in terms of vistors) than it is 
today.  This was a separate park from Tipton Park, which closed around 
1901? if my very poor memory serves.

Around that time you could take trains from Washington/Baltimore and 
ride all the way to Devils Den - obviously not on the same train.

- Bob Coffman

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