GDG- more changes in the Gettysburg battlefield thru the years

Nancy Householder pipecreek1430 at
Wed Jan 4 09:23:43 CST 2012

Here are some more things I found from pictures I have on CD, from classes I have taken for the LBG test.

They used to use old plumbing pipes for fences, before they did the wooden fenced,
and there was advertising written on rocks over on Culps Hill.

When the first started putting some cannons on the field they just propped them up on rocks.

Up on LRT they used to have posts and low chains hanging everywhere to keep people on the sidewalks.
I also remember them in Devils Den.
Anyone else remember them?

I beleive there was some kind of park over by LRT at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century, which is
why they started the trolley company, to take people down there.
Anyone know anything more about this?

Nancy Householder

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