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I won't add to Al's excellent answers. However, I would remind you that Abraham Lincoln was the duly elected 16th President of the United States and, as such, is due the respect of having you spell his name correctly. 

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On this point we choose to disagree. 

The Constitution says that they were not human beings, only property to be 
counted as 3/5s of a hooman bein. 

Roger Brooke Taney said they were not human beings and that the Supreme Ct 
had no obligation to entertain a legal case from them. So he wrote the 
"Decision" on his own . 

The Linkn administration never came out to formalize the the contraband 
issue. They just kind of let it slide under the radar. 

Linkn never said said they were workers or anything else. Just property 
to be confiscated from the enemy and utilized and maybe turned on the enemy, 
just like capturing a cannon and shooting the enemy they captured it from. 

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But basically Linkn said that the slaves were property and the Federal 
decided that in areas of rebellion that this property became "free". 
No. Lincoln said the slaves were a source of labor for the rebels. In 
other words, they were people doing work. They worked on fortifications 
they worked in the fields bringing in the crops, work that, if they were 
not there, would be done by someone who was now on the fighting line. 

Since your entire argument is based on the false assumption that Lincoln 
said slaves were property just like an inanimate object, then your entire 
argument is flawed. 

The EP was neither insane nor stupid. 

And you should learn to spell "Lincoln." If for no other reason, it won't 
make you look bad. 

Best Regards, 
Al Mackey 
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