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Is  neglecting- deliberately- other, perhaps more important,  parts of the  
story in favor of overemphasizing slavery and African-Americans at   the 
expense of other significant stories OK with you?
What's "more important" is a matter of opinion, no?  What's "more  
important" to the descendents of the African Americans who lived at  Arlington?  Or 
to those who look like them?  What's "more important"  to those who want to 
know the history of Arlington before it became a  cemetery?  And if history 
is to be relevant, shouldn't it be useful?   What's more useful, "more 
important":  learning who's buried in plot XYZ or  learning about what happens 
when you lose your freedom?

Are you  concerned about proportion and putting slavery  in it's (ugly)  
appropriate place?
Yes.  We simply appear to disagree about what that appropriate place  is, 
and what that proportion should be.

I wrote  a previous post about being trained by  the NPS/Tourmobile in 
Did you read it? 
Concerned we're not reading your posts?  : )
As an Air Force veteran, I think Chappie James is far more important than  
any of those other guys.  ; )
Best Regards,
Al Mackey

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