GDG- NPs & Slavery

James Epperson jfepperson at
Tue Jan 3 17:29:25 CST 2012

>Once you start telling that little boy the "back story" he would fall asleep
> within 10 minutes.  Let's be realistic here.

Well, give me some credit for knowing this (although I do have some
talent as a lecturer ;-).  But this is why it was appropriate for the
NPS to invest in the film narrated by Morgan Freeman.

> As mentioned previously, there is little need to tell visitors to Gettysburg
> that the CW was fought because slavery was such a contentious issue in
> America.  Most certainly have at least a general idea along these lines.

I disagree most strongly with this.  Perhaps I am pessimistic, but I
fear you overstate the extent of the average visitor's knowledge
(perhaps, more correctly, acceptance of the knowledge).  And if the
flagship park on the Civil War failed to address that issue, it would
(IMO) undermine that "general idea" you speak of.


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