GDG- NPs & Slavery

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Tue Jan 3 17:18:44 CST 2012

Once you start telling that little boy the "back story" he would fall asleep
within 10 minutes.  Let's be realistic here.

As mentioned previously, there is little need to tell visitors to Gettysburg
that the CW was fought because slavery was such a contentious issue in
America.  Most certainly have at least a general idea along these lines.

However, a battle was fought at Gettysburg because the Confederates invaded
Pennsylvania.  By telling the little boy that was the reason, he is likely
to understand better and perhaps listen and learn more as the family took a
tour of the battlefield.

The question of slavery in the context of Gettysburg has become much too
academic IMHO.

Regards, Tom Ryan


Once I was in the old VC, looking at all the guns and cannon tubes,
and artifacts, and I heard a young boy ask his father, "Daddy, why did
they fight a battle here?"  The complete answer to that
question---which I think we would all agree involves more than stories
about shoes and troop concentrations---is an appropriate subject for
the park to present.  And that is why the full "back-story" needs to
be told.


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