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Tue Jan 3 13:34:25 CST 2012

Aha!  One down and a couple more to go.

Since I now have the field to myself, I wish to emphasize that Lincoln went
to war against the South because they seceded and attacked Fort Sumter  -
not because the South seceded over the slavery issue.

If the South had seceded over another issue and fired on Fort Sumter,
Lincoln undoubtedly would have gone to war to preserve the Union in that
case as well.

Lincoln's policy was to preserve the Union and not to end slavery, despite
what his personal feelings may have been regarding the institution.

In addition, the Emancipation Proclamation was not designed to end slavery,
but primarily to punish those states that had seceded and were waging war.
Slaves were not freed in areas where slavery existed, but were not in

The action to end the institution of slavery was a post-war (and
post-Lincoln) phenomenon.

Perhaps a better way to phrase it is that, while it was the underlying cause
of secession, slavery was not the immediate cause of the conflict.

Tom Ryan


>. I prefer to emphasize why Lincoln went to war with the South, not
>what was the underlying cause for secession.

The first part of your sentence is irreconcilable with the second,
but we have been over this several times.

I secede from the discussion, allow you the last shot and leave field to

Take Care


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