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Causes of the war and Lincoln are on topic.


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> <<So, just as a state cannot take away your free speech, they cannot 
> exempt
> you from other federal laws, rights, and privileges.  "Nullification"
> doesn't work.  What the seceding states did in effect was take all of 
> their
> citizens (and especially in the case of the slaves) and kidnap them -
> claiming that they were no longer subject to the jurisdiction of the 
> United
> States, and the protections that come with that citizenship.
> What was Lincoln supposed to do, exactly?>>
> Pete,
> You argue your case well.  But, let's keep this in the context of 
> Gettysburg
> and how to present the battle to the public.  I do not agree that 
> visitor's
> need to be taught that slavery was evil.  Most if not all already 
> understand
> this.  Let's argue for Gettysburg to be unique in the context of a great
> battle that helped preserve the Union.
> Once we engage in moralizing of any kind, that IMO reduces the impact and
> understanding of what actually took place over three bloody days on the
> battlefield.
> Do you really want people from Kansas or Oklahoma going out on the field
> with the notion that Robert E. Lee and James Longstreet's only thoughts 
> were
> to beat up on those damn Yankees in order to preserve the institution of
> slavery???
> Regards, Tom Ryan
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