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Tue Jan 3 12:21:35 CST 2012

At 12:13 PM 1/3/2012, you wrote:
>I have seen the movie at the VC three or four times, and each time I have
>come away with an uneasy feeling.  But, that is the way it is, and there is
>little that can be done about the intro at this point.

      At the Seminar on Slavery that I was a part of for many years, 
we told the participants that had to become comfortable with being 
uncomfortable with the topic.  However, they had chosen to attend a 
seminar that they knew would be focused on slavery.   We had an 
agreement to have courageous conversations that we knew would produce 
discomfort, anger, and even depression.

That is quite a bit different  than tourists in Bermuda shorts 
dragging kids onto a battlefield as only one stop on a vacation that 
follows a large  historical trail .

  I can understand how someone walking into a movie at the VC at 
Gettysburg might feel bushwhacked with an over abundance of emphasis 
on slavery.

I personally would rather have it that way the no mention of it at 
all, but I do understand the discomfort very well.

Take Care


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