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><<No slavery, no secession  ,  no secession no war.  Those are
>unassailable parts of how the war began.>>
>That implies that secession could not have taken place except for the issue
>of slavery.  It also implies that the North would have gone to war over
>secession regardless of why it came about.

No, it does not imply anything.  It is simply stating the historical 
facts.  There may be alternatives that you would like to explore , 
but these are the historical facts, not implications.

>It is true, however, that slavery was the motivation for secession 
>in this case.

And that is the only case that is being discussed.  Historically 
secession was caused by slavery.  That led to war.  There's really no 
other way to look at it without linguistic gymnastics

>   It is also true that Lincoln did not go to war over the slavery
But he went to war to save the Union, and that became a war to end 
slavery.  That is historical fact as well.
   That needs to be explored and it can only be done by looking at 
how secession was caused by slavery that eventually led to the war 
being fought to end slavery.

>The point is what should and should not be presented to the visitor's at
>Gettysburg.  I happen to lean more to the preservation of the Union side.

I do not have any issue with those who want to limit or change or 
want more or less on  slavery in the visitor center.  To each his own.

My only concern is the argument that slavery was not somehow the 
cause of the war when  clearly it was the key point.

.  Whether not Lincoln should have could have or would have 
chosen  something besides war is not the point.  War was the result 
of secession that was caused by slavery

We perceive, uneasily , that slavery somehow was there at the 
constitutional beginning, liken unbidden, malevolent spirit at a 
festive celebration; the fairy tale witch who was not invited to the 
christening but who came anyway, and in an act; of spite left the 
curse on the child.  William M. Wiecek.  

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