GDG- NPs & Slavery

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Tue Jan 3 11:23:42 CST 2012


The issue as I understand it in this discussion is what should be presented
to the public in the introductory material at Gettysburg.  My sense is that
what is there now is skewed too heavily toward slavery.  My preference is to
present the battle more in the context of holding the Union together.

Beyond that, the discussion of slavery becomes more than a little esoteric.

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I am not arguing  whether not Lincoln could have  have chosen another
method to react to secession.  I'm not arguing Lincoln did not go to
war to preserve the union.   I am simply stating the  historical fact
that secession was caused by slavery and war was the result.

It is impossible to have any discussion of the causes of the war or
the cause secession without the inclusion of slavery.

The indisputable point is  slavery was the cause of secession which
was the cause of the war.

The other what-ifs do not apply to that.

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