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I hope you read my post about my experiences working for  Tourmobile in 
Arlington Cem.  I think it is rather shocking and  outrageous.
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But let's not pick on Gettysburg to cure all the  past ills of mankind.  We
need to keep the situation in perspective,  and reach a sense of balance.
Gettysburg was but a link in the chain of the  effort to preserve the Union.
It should not be held up as a symbol of the  inequality of mankind.

If what is presented at Gettysburg is encased in  an emotional appeal for
tolerance and redemption, then the actual story of  what happened there
becomes distorted.

There is a time and a place  for everything.  Gettysburg is not the place to
inculcate the masses  in the evils of slavery.

Tom Ryan

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The  difference between entertainment and education is that  entertainment
presents people with what they want to hear, and education  presents what
they need to hear.

For over a century, the Civil War  in American consciousness was dominated,
in effect, by the entertainment  factor (Birth of a Nation, Gone With the
Wind, a Gettysburg National  Military Park with no explanation of the role 
slavery in the battle); in  the 1990s, the pendulum swung to education.  
swing is actually  "political incorrectness" in the context of more than a
century of a  "politically correct" view that continues to be held by very
large numbers  of people in this country who wish to deny that slavery had
anything to do  with the Battle of Gettysburg or the war in which it took

It  is not entertaining to learn what really happened in the past; and
because  we chose to ignore and deny the truth for so long, the task of
healing its  effects is that much more difficult today.  Perhaps  

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