GDG- NPs & Slavery

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Tue Jan 3 10:53:31 CST 2012

The problem with your argument is that secession could have occurred without
necessarily casuing a war.  The North could have decided to let the errant
sisters go.  Therefore, the war was not begun over slavery.  It began
because Lincoln desired to preserve the Union.

This is a fact regardless of what motivations came into play later in the

Again, slavery was not the cause of the war -- secession was.  Lincoln did
not go to war to end slavery, but to end secession.

Tom Ryan



   Secession and slavery were inextricably bound together.

   It is true the North did not go to war to free the slaves, but it
did become that no matter what the motives were at the outset.
Lincoln made that clear at  Gettysburg and reaffirmed it in the
Second Inaugural.

The war was fought over slavery. No slavery, no secession - no war.

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