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in my humble opinion, it was probably a combination of things.

dave Ward

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I think it is an act of futility to ascribe or blame the Civil  War to any
one thing.


Preserve the Unin.

States rights.;'


I am sure that in 1860/1861 if both the North and South had a  clear idea
of what what going to develop they might have found other ways to  resolve
the issues without going to war.

They were ignorant, arrogant, naive, and  innocent.

And when the Emancipation Proclamation came out many of the  soldiers in
the AoP from S Ohio, S. Ind., and S Ill. threatened to mutiny or  desert.
They certainly were NOT fighting to end slavery.

Yes, had there been no slavery I am willing to bet that there  would have
been no war.  No need to preserve the Union and S.C. could go  back to
arguing about Nullification.

It is  just too complicated to attribute via oversimplification to any one

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