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How long and in how many places do you want to hide history?


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> <<Well- IMHO, the NPS has put slavery into the stories of the CW because 
> it
> is Politically Correct!>>
> I generally agree with this statement at least in the Gettysburg context,
> and find it disconcerting to watch the introductory movie at the 
> Gettysburg
> VC because of the heavy infusion of slavery in the presentation.  There is 
> a
> time and place for everything.  The detailed discussion of the slavery 
> issue
> IMO is more appropriate at a memorial devoted to the CW in general.
> The primary focus for an introduction at Gettysburg should be the 
> Gettysburg
> Campaign itself, a period of roughly two months from June 3 to August 3,
> 1863, and the detailed discussion and presentation at the VC should be 
> about
> the actual events during this period (with a strong emphasis on the
> three-day battle) and their significance.
> Again IMO the NPS has overreached in their presentation of slavery at
> Gettysburg, and my sense is that it succumbed to pressure from groups or
> individuals who have an agenda to promote the slavery issue even if it is
> the wrong time and in the wrong place.
> Regards, Tom Ryan
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