GDG- NPs & Slavery

Tom Ryan pennmardel at
Tue Jan 3 07:52:29 CST 2012

<<Well- IMHO, the NPS has put slavery into the stories of the CW because it
is Politically Correct!>>

I generally agree with this statement at least in the Gettysburg context,
and find it disconcerting to watch the introductory movie at the Gettysburg
VC because of the heavy infusion of slavery in the presentation.  There is a
time and place for everything.  The detailed discussion of the slavery issue
IMO is more appropriate at a memorial devoted to the CW in general.

The primary focus for an introduction at Gettysburg should be the Gettysburg
Campaign itself, a period of roughly two months from June 3 to August 3,
1863, and the detailed discussion and presentation at the VC should be about
the actual events during this period (with a strong emphasis on the
three-day battle) and their significance.

Again IMO the NPS has overreached in their presentation of slavery at
Gettysburg, and my sense is that it succumbed to pressure from groups or
individuals who have an agenda to promote the slavery issue even if it is
the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Regards, Tom Ryan

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