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We understand that Margaret.

The issue is that since slavery is never was discussed, people are oblivious 
to the fact that the "rich history" of the entire country is like a mighty 
river with 60% of the flow below the river bed. Slavery is that part of the 

I truly believe that, with the diversity of this country, Gettysburg is on 
the cusp of a Valley Forge-a really nice place to bicycle and jog. The way 
to prevent that is to attract the diversity, and the way to do that is talk 
about the entire history.
The deliberate repression of history is the biggest danger the park could 
face. Latschar recognized that.


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Well, I consider the reason WHY the CW dead in Arlington are there & why 
Arlington isn't just another stop on the plantation house tours to be of 
considerable significance.


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So over 1/4 million people buried in Arlington and the big  story is about

Give me a break.

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If Gettysburg shouldn't have information about  slavery we might want to
get all that pesky context out of other National  Parks too. Who goes to
Independence Hall to learn about taxation? who goes to  Fort McHenry to 
about impressment? Who goes to Fort Sumter to learn  about secession?

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