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Nancy Householder pipecreek1430 at
Tue Jan 3 07:08:54 CST 2012

Well- IMHO, the NPS has put slavery into the stories of the CW because it is Politically Correct!

Well I don't like doing things just because they are  politically correct, I do think that for years
slavery was the subject that was ignored when talking about the CW. In the late 19th century
and most of the 20th century slavery was a subject that was ignored after the war.

In the south, the lost cause folks declared that the reason for seccssion was States Rights- not slavery.

In the north, slavery was outlawed by the 13th amendment, so it was no longer an issue to be discussed.
  Also, most of  the Northern soldiers who volunteered, were there to preserve the Union.

I think one of the major causes of the war was slavery. Not just where it existed, but whether it should
be extended to the terriotories/ future states.  Lincoln stated that he had no power to change slavery in the 

states where it existed, he was opposed to extending it into the territories. When he was elected, South 

Carolina used that as an excuse to seccede, saying that the Republican party was going to go after slavery.
Then other states secceded for the same reason.

so- how is slavery not relevant to the story of the Civil War?

Nancy Householder

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