GDG- 1863 vs. 1963: Cyclorama

joanna/leo mayapple at
Tue Jan 3 00:42:21 CST 2012

Hi, George,
As a Gettysburg resident, I must point out that the town's foundation is 
more than a hundred years older than the battle.  The church congregation I 
belong to was started in 1740.  Many other things, organizations, etc. also 
predate the battle substantially.
Yes, there are layers upon layers, and they go back before Europeans came 
here.  The battle was our most significant event, but not the beginning.
Leo McGuire

As a purist, I would like to see the entire battlefield area the way it was 
in July 1863. Is that going to happen? No! Why not, because the history of 
Gettysburg has become layer upon layer of history - built on the foundation 
of the July 1-3, 1863 site itself.
George Franks

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