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Actually,  FYI, it is not at his front door, particularly  since the 
building has two front doors, just like the White House.  What  you would call his 
front door is actually the East Front facing the Potomac and  DC.  The 
Unknown plot is maybe 300 ft. SSW of the West Front, or what some  people would 
call the "back door".
The Memorial says there are 2111 unknowns buried there.   For an 
interesting but too complicated reason for here I believe that there are  a lot more 
than 2111 Unknowns there.  There are, however, 2111 human skulls  stacked up 
nice and neat, all parallel and perpendicular to each  other.  I am 
confident that that is why they chose that number for the  inscription.
The  Memorial section is visible on 
Also, over by the "Confederate Section" there is no gravel  service drive 
for dump trucks and such .  Just the  normal grass, drives, and graves, and 
Ft Myer.
If people think there is too much NPS emphasis on slavery at  the Gtysbg VC 
then the NPS also has too much at Arlington.
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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The Cemetary is in Bobby Lee's front  yard, after all.....

Over 2,000 unknowns are buried right outside his  front door.

There are a a quarter million stories IN the cemetary, but  we are talking 
about the story OF the Cemetary.

BTW, I am glad  someone knows how many are buried in the Cemetary, because 
the folks at  the cemetary sure do not know.


Did Elon  Farnsworth have the right idea, even if the execution was weak 

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> So over 1/4  million people buried in Arlington and the big  story is 
>  slavery?
> Give me a break.
> Your  Most  Obedient Servant,
> Peter
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>  If Gettysburg shouldn't have information about  slavery we might want  to
> get all that pesky context out of other National  Parks too.  Who goes to
> Independence Hall to learn about taxation? who goes  to  Fort McHenry to 
> learn
> about impressment? Who goes to  Fort Sumter to learn  about secession?
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