GDG- Changes in Gettyburg Battlefield thru the years

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I have several photos of the Oak Bluffs statue and appreciate the story 
behind it.  If a photo of it is needed for any collection/reason, let me 

Alice Gayley
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> One of  my future projects will be to go to every county seat in the South
> and  photograph the Confederate soldier. I'd like to find someone to do 
> the
> Northern ones at the same time. It would cool to put them all on a single
> website.
> But who would photograph the statue at Oak Bluffs on Martha's  Vineyard?
> It is a statue of a Union soldier, erected by a former  Confederate 
> soldier
> in honor of Union troops.  And in recent decades it has  been painted in
> Confederate gray to honor its donor.
> Bruce  Trinque
> Amston, CT
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