GDG- Changes in Gettyburg Battlefield thru the years

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There were, of course, a lot of opponents to the new VC interpretation, as 
we all noted aat the time.

There were also people who resented the destruction of local business in the 
persona of the National tower, and more significantly, Steinwere Avenue 
business when the VC was moved.Tthere were people he decried the removal of 
the "historic" old VC and there is still the issue of the "architecturally" 
significant Cyclorama building. There are people who resented Dr. Latschar 
not agreeing to statues to there own personal statue on the field.

There are people upset over the destruction of artillery sites adjacent to 
the new VC.

There are people who decry his failure to preserve local underground 
railroad sites.

Ad naseum.

In short, he ticked off a lot of people.

It was not just the interpretation.

It was years of denying the lilliputians that nailed Dr. Latschar , coupled 
with a personal quirk.



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> Hello,
> I would just as soon not go there.  But. there was a lot of opposition to 
> the changes  Dr. Latschar made that was based on the interpretation 
> including an emphasis on slavery.
> That is not hearsay or wrong, as anyone who followed the development of 
> the VC can attest.
> Take Care
> Dennis
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>>Esteemed GDG Member Contributes:
>>The reason the last superintendent was removed was over  personnel issue, 
>>not interpretation of the field.
>>The reason some people was that some people really resented that he would 
>>not remake the park in their image and likeness.
>>Dr. Latcshar was the finest steward of the field since Bacheldor. Your 
>>statement  is wrong and a repetition
>>of groundless hearsay.
>>You are on your own on the rest.
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