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Isn't that something you have to get permission for  from the NPS?
Have fun doing the paperwork.
Your Most Obedient Servant,

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Hi Don.
Is this something volunteers could clear  up on a weekend?



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>Since this topic is  one that seems to be continuing, I guess I will throw 
in my biggest concern  and GRIPE
>Ugly Change --   All that dirt that  was thrown over the stone wall in 
front of Companies G-K-B-E-C of the 69th  Pa  (in front of the copse)
>This was done in the  1930's and the dirt still remains covering up the 
stone wall which the Irish  lads from Philadelphia used for protection in the 
bombardment and the hand to  hand fighting July 3, 1863.
>Don  Ernsberger
>author At The Wall
>69th Pa "Irish Volunteers" re  enactor
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